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Blank Canvas - Moxy Hotel, Washington DC

This Motion Artwork was made for a Creative Invite by Talenthouse along with Moxy Hotel Washington DC, as part of their #BlankCanvas Campaign.The brief was to take inspiration from the Dada art movement and understating of Washington D.C.'s vibes. The artwork showcases an eagle, D.C.'s map and random objects like Jenga blocks, pools and lemon wedges that play into the Dada art aesthetic and Moxy's fun atmosphere. The selected piece is now showcased at the Moxy Hotel Washington D.C. on a screen rotating through different color moods of the same image.

he 4 artworks play in sequence to show the different moods and vibes of Downtown D.C. The artwork focuses on the History and culture of Washington D.C. along with Moxy’s ‘Play on’ attitude. The Style and mood of the artwork is inspired from the Dada Art Movement, which in my opinion, was to challenge the limits of art, and break conventions. The shapes and visuals are inspired from Washington D.C. itself. The circle and dots are inspired